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Week 9 Run 1, 2, 3- I finished c25k!

24 Nov

Week 9 Run 1, 2, 3: warm up (walk 5 min), run 30 min, cool down (walk 5 min), stretch

I have been very behind on my blog. It has not been a high priority since we still have lingering colds. My husband has been sick on and off for about a month now. Abby has the nose stuff again and Katie Jane is a teething drool monster. My throat is really starting to hurt and constantly tickle. This is not a good combination. You will notice that I decided to group both videos on this post. I had a vlog recorded for run 2, but the sound didn’t work. I didn’t figure the readers of my blog were amazing lip readers, so I decided to delete it. :)

For my first run of the nine weeks, I decided to consolidate two to dos in one. I had to get some grocery shopping done so I went on a little drive and did my run in a neighborhood by the shopping center. This run was done at night and it was a bit chilly. My body warmed up nicely after a few minutes of running up hill. My route was all over the place. Sometimes I wonder how GPS can follow me. :) When running in the dark, if I ever get to a place where I don’t feel comfortable, I change directions quickly. In the housing complex where I was running, there was one section of waist high lights that did tricks with my eyes. They were spaced too close together that my eyes were tripping trying to adjust. It made me uneasy, so I turned around and went back to where I could see better.  Trust your gut, if you ever feel uneasy, get out out of a situation. I know its cliche to say, but I would rather be safe than sorry. I broke in my new shoes on this run. They were very comfortable and light weight. After my run, I picked up a few things at the market. I actually did my stretches in the produce department. :)

Week 9 Run 1 Stats:

  • Time: 30 min
  • Distance: 2.13 mi
  • Pace: 14:06 min/mi

My second run took place on November 19 around noon. This run was done with very little sleep. We (my husband and I) with some friends, went to see Harry Potter at 3:10AM. Yes, you read that correctly. My wonderful mom came over to watch the girls so we could pretend we were in college and go watch a late night/early morning movie. :) It was a lot of fun hanging out with friends, drinking a peppermint mocha and sitting out in the cold. Edwards Cinema did let us in early so we could stay warm while keeping our place in line. I was happy to be sitting because when we arrived I fell when we exited the parking structure. I thought we were going to turn left and we were supposed to turn right. My brain and body did not coordinate, so down I went. Why is it when you fall it always seems to happen in slow motion? I started to cry. Thankfully only my husband saw me. Falling is not only embarrassing, but painful. I bruised my hands and scraped under my right knee. After getting home after 6AM, I nursed Kate and slept an hour. I got up and made breakfast and then my mom watched the girls so I could sleep another two hours. Rain was in the forecast for the weekend and with my mom at the house, I thought I should take the opportunity to get my run done. I knew I was tired when I changed into my running clothes. I put on my sports bra and then my regular bra on top of it. I had to laugh at myself. Trust me, this was one of the hardest runs I had to do. After 2.5 minutes I looked at my phone. I had over 27 more minutes to go! I made my body move when all I wanted to do was sleep. I didn’t look at my phone again until 20 minutes was finished. I was concerned my bruises seen and unseen would effect my run, but thankfully this was not the case. I just felt stiff and it was hard to keep a good pace. Once my body and mind realized I was actually going to finish this run, I got it done and was glad I pushed through.

Week 9 Run 2 Stats:

  • Time: 30 min
  • Distance: 2.02 mi
  • Pace: 14:57 min/mi

The final run of my couch to 5k program took place on Monday, November 22. I ran again at night and it was 49 degrees. It took me about 13 minutes to finally feel warm. I wore a sports bra, a sleeve-less shirt, my husband’s neon yellow running shirt on top and pants. Well, I also wore underwear, socks, and shoes, but I think that goes without saying. :) I am fighting a thick throat and unfortunately I had to do something I hate: spit. I think it is so gross. Thankfully it was dark and nobody saw me. With the cold air and my oncoming cold, it was unavoidable. I finished my run with a great sense of accomplishment. I have now completed a nine week program for beginning runners. I never thought I could/would ever run. Now I can run for 30 minutes without stopping! If you are thinking about starting a running program, I would highly recommend this one. I am so pleased with the results. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been the jump start I needed to live an active lifestyle. Do you need to try something new to get your body moving? After 9 weeks, I have established a habit. What good habit do you need to start that will benefit your health? Start your new routine now, before the new year. You don’t need to wait until January 1 to make a commitment to living better. Try running. You may really like it. :)

Week 9 Run 3 Stats:

  • Time: 30 min
  • Distance: 2.27 mi
  • Pace: 13:14 min/mi

This pomegranate has been sitting in my fruit bowl for a week in a half and I finally decided to try it today. What a fun new discovery! Abigail really liked them too. Here is a great tutorial on how to de-seed one. It worked so well. :)

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. I am registered for my first 5k , a Turkey Trot early Thanksgiving morning. Ahh! I am nervous and excited. Here is Abigail with her Thankful tree. I made it from a Trader Joe’s grocery bag. Abby colored the ‘bark’ with markers and then I ripped the bag into strips for the branches. We add a leaf she colors in each day with something she is grateful for. I write the word and illustrate it with a picture. This has been a fun activity to do this November. :) Maybe you won’t make a tree, but reflect on all the wonderful blessings you are thankful for.

Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good;

His love endures forever.

Psalm 106:1

Week 5 Run 3

11 Oct

Week 5 Run 3: warm up (walk 5 min), Run 20 minutes, cool down (walk 5 min), stretch

Yes, you read that correctly. I had to run 20 MINUTES straight. For a non-runner, that is huge. Well, I did it and I feel great! I looked at my phone at 16 minutes because I wanted to know how much longer I had to go, but I didn’t feel tired or ready to give up. Yay! I used runkeeper to track my distance. In 20 minutes I ran 1.47 miles with an average of 13:41 min/mi. I walked 5 minutes for my warm up and 5 minutes for my cool down. I did not track my distance on these, but I imagine I did about two miles total. I ran at night and by myself which was a new experience. Check out the video for my complete review.

Have you ever run at night? What time of day do you prefer to do your workout?

Week 5 Run 1-Running in the Rain

6 Oct

There was a 50% chance of rain today. Well, it has been raining all morning. I was determined to complete my scheduled run.  I do not have a rain cover for my stroller so I had to be creative. I ended up using an old vinyl tablecloth I had tucked away in my teaching supplies. I am sure I gave my neighbors a laugh. My only thought was too bad I don’t have a tablecloth with pumpkins or leaves. Seriously! I wanted to look ridiculous with the appropriate seasonal decoration. These snowmen did a great job of keeping the stroller and the girls dry. :)

I had the girls all bundled up because I didn’t want them to get cold or wet. I wore a jacket to help wick away the rain. I was glad I had it on, even though I wanted to take it off half way through.

*Pics are a little blurry. I was in a hurry to get out the door and I took them with my phone.

Enjoy the video about our rainy running adventure. Instead of being bummed out about the rain, we made it fun. :)

Week 5 Run 1: warm up (walk 5 min), 3 x [run 5 min, walk 3 min], cool down (walk 5 min), stretch

Week 4 Run 2

1 Oct

Week 4 Run 2: warm up (walk 5 min), 2 x [run 3 min, walk 1.5 min, run 5 min, walk 2.5 min], cool down (walk 5 min), stretch

Here I am wearing my Egolf’s Excavating Softball shirt. Wow! It’s a size small and the last time I wore  it I was in 6th grade. I don’t look/feel like a sausage in it either!  I have lost 8.6 lbs since I started 4.5 weeks ago. This is progress people. :)

Toddler Tip:

Today we focused on our 5 senses as we were out on our run.This kept Abby involved and we made it a learning experience. (Once a teacher, always a teacher! :))

1.What do you see Abby? I see a striped cat (“I want to hold her”), a big dog, a small dog, cars, big fluffy clouds, the blue sky, a truck, a spider, a web, people, rocks, big trees, pretty flowers, kids playing, momma’s car, butterflies, a lady gardening, a bicycle, sister sleeping, etc.

2.What do hear Abby? a noisy truck, a loud motorcycle, birds chirping, dogs barking, thunder (So glad this is when we were heading back. There was a downpour and our power went out right after we got home!), cars honking, people talking, the high school band practicing, momma breathing, momma’ s feet, lawn mower, etc.

3. What do you feel Abby? the wind on my face, the heat from the sun, the hat on my head, etc.

4. What do you taste Abby? my breakfast sandwich, my cold water, my sweet banana, etc.

5. What do you smell Abby? my banana, a pretty flower, freshly cut grass, a stinky car, etc.

Here is the beautiful sky we saw on our run today. If you look closely, you can see a black spider we discovered. I made sure to go back on our cool down to take a picture of it with my phone and talk about the web. Abby sang the Itsy Bitsy Spider song all the way home. :)

Week 4 Run 1 + Toddler food on the go

29 Sep

Week 4 Run 1: warm up (walk 5 min), 2 x [run 3 min, walk 1.5 min, run 5 min, walk 2.5 min], cool down (walk 5 min), stretch

Here is the app I use on my phone: Get Running. My trainer for nine weeks of running only cost me 99 cents! What a bargain! :)

Toddler Tip:

A great healthy toddler breakfast I make for Abby combines bananas and pancakes in an easy to eat finger food. I found this and many other great recipe ideas for kids here on weelicious.com. Banana bites are a great breakfast food to take on the go. I skip the organic maple syrup when I take them on our run. They can even be made ahead a time and stored in your refrigerator. Check out the recipe and tutorial here.

I don’t use any fancy equipment when I run. Here is our Graco double stroller that was a hand-me-down. We would like to purchase a jogging stroller, but this is what we have and I am not letting it stop me from getting out there and exercising. Abby loved eating her banana bites this morning. Yum!

Why are you Making New Tracks? My fitness journey

25 Sep

Here is the story behind makingnewtracks.com. Enjoy hearing and seeing my journey. You know you have crazy pictures of bad hair and braces too. :)

Pretty dance outfit with puffed sleeves


Here is my first tap costume. Don’t you love the puffed sleeves? Anne of Green Gables would be proud. :)

Week 2 Run 3

19 Sep

Week 2 Run 3: warm up (walk 5 min),  6 x [run 1.5 min, walk 2 min], cool down (walk 5 min), stretch


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