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Food Confession: Too many sweets

27 Oct

Today I ate way too much junk and I felt like crud. My morning was crazy getting ready for MOPS. My table group had to bring food today so I brought an egg and sausage casserole I prepped last night and baked this morning. I had to finish putting Abby’s lunch together, tie a bow around my secret sister’s gift, feed two children, diaper and dress them, and take a shower. Looking back I should have been more prepared last night. I was stressed out by the time I finally made it there.  I put too much food on my plate and proceeded to eat way more than I normally do. I really did enjoy my time with the other moms and the speaker on marriage was fantastic. On the way home,  I made a last minute decision to visit my grandpa, who had knee surgery, in the hospital. I technically ate brunch at 9:15, so I shouldn’t have been hungry. I wasn’t, but I mindlessly ate 4 cookies from my secret sister. In a 40 minute drive, I ate 4! Agh! I love sweets. They are my weakness. That is why I don’t buy them or make them, unless I give them away. I exhibited no self control. This is something I need to work on. After eating too much for breakfast and then four cookies, my stomach felt awful. For the rest of my afternoon, I felt gross. I don’t think cookies are bad. An occasional cookie is fine, but I know that a serving size is not four. I am learning. I should have put them in the backseat where I couldn’t mindlessly eat them one after another.

What triggers you? Do you have to keep food out of reach so you don’t overindulge? What is your weakness? Sugar? Salt? Please leave a comment and check out my vlog confession below:


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